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Alexela's new smart and ultra-fast e-mobility full-service solution is the present and future of electric vehicle charging


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Transition to cleaner fuel

Alexela has taken a strong role and goal to be a pioneer of cleaner future fuels in Latvia and Estonia and to develop the electric charging infrastructure in accordance with the general direction of Europe. As the first chain of filling stations, we installed a 50 kW fast charger for electric cars in our station located at Peterburi tee 77, Tallinn already in 2019, and the first ultra-fast 160 kW charger in the Baltics for our Tikupoiss Station in Paiaristi in March 2020. As an energy company, Alexela continues to develop the charging network for electric cars by building new charging stations, both public and private, in various places in Estonia to offer customers a convenient and fast charging option.
Charging an electric car will turn out to be a much more affordable solution compared to the consumption of gasoline and diesel engine fuels. The cost for a 100 km journey with an electric car when charging at home is only 1.5-3 euros, depending on the exchange price of electricity, while 6-11 euros at a public charger, depending on the capacity of the charger, whereas the electricity consumption of an electric car is considered at 20kWh/100km.